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Embark on a unique self-discovery journey that will give you the physical and mental benefits of yoga and the timeless wisdom of tarot.

During 22 days, we'll explore the Major Arcana through yoga classes and journaling exercises. You'll move your body with daily practices and get all the amazing benefits of yoga for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 


You'll also learn how Tarot's teachings can be incorporated not only into your yoga practice but also into your daily life. As you move through each card and corresponding practice, you'll discover new insights while also deepening your understanding of tarot and its symbolism. Along the way, you'll connect with other like-minded women on a shared path of growth and self-discovery.

This is an ONLINE event and is FREE. Also, no experience in yoga is required nor are big spaces or fancy equipment.   


The Fool's Journey

a 22-day adventure through Yoga's power and Tarot's wisdom

Flow into the New Year feeling balanced and kickstart 2023 fulfilling that old promise to *really* prioritize yourself.


About the Journey

Our journey begins with the Fool, representing new beginnings and the potential for infinite possibilities. From there, we'll explore the Magician, with his creativity and personal power, and the High Priestess, symbolizing intuition and mystery.

As we continue flowing through the Major Arcana, we'll encounter the Empress, representing fertility and abundance, and the Emperor, with his authority and leadership. We'll also meet the Hierophant, symbolizing tradition and spiritual guidance, The Chariot, with its drive and determination, and the Lovers, bringing love and connection.

Through our journey, we'll encounter challenges and obstacles like Death, The Devil, and The Tower. But we'll also find guidance and support in the Strength, Temperance, and Stars cards. Ultimately, our journey will culminate with the World card, bringing completion and integration of all that we've learned along the way.

In addition to daily yoga classes, you'll also have access to a PDF with journaling prompts to help you fully immerse in the journey. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this program is designed to be accessible and adaptable to all levels.

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