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Flow with all your phases

moon yoga

Just like the moon, we womxn also have our cycles.

We need a flexible yoga practice that creates freedom in our schedule and adapts to the constant changes in our energy levels and moods. 

yoga moon phases

Welcome to Lua!

A community created for busy womxn who struggle to prioritize their well-being and honour their natural rhythms.

Connect with your feminine power, create balance within and bring more ease into your life.

yoga phases moon


Step out of the craziness of the human doing mode. Tune in with your breath and enjoy some quality time with yourself. Leave feeling balanced and calm.

Feel good with the countless benefits of physical activity. Deepen the relationship with your body and your cycles through mindful movement.


Move the body.

Quiet the mind.

Find yourself less overwhelmed and anxious with classes that create space to clear the mind. Invite more focus and calm to your day.

Hi, I'm Ana!

It's so nice to have you here!


I'm a Brazilian yoga teacher based in Portugal with a passion to work with womxn. I love creating and sharing tools to help us find our flow so we show up our best and move in life with more ease.

I've been practising yoga since 2017 and as cliché, as it sounds, it truly changed my life. It helped me overcome a tough burnout and in the process transformed the relationship I had with my body, my inner cycles, my mind and my emotions.  

Since then I have shared my practice - and also learned - with over 500 students from all over the world. Now I dedicate myself to guiding dedicated busy women to prioritize their well-being.


What's included


Lunar Practices

4 classes inspired by the cycle of the moon.

New classes published weekly

Yoga practices, breathwork, meditations, rituals for your morning and evening, and more!

Bonus content updated regularly

Masterclasses, mini workshops, classes with invited guests, and much more!

Unlimited access to a growing library

Access to all classes previously uploaded.
Practice on your own time, wherever you are and whenever you need. Available on web, IOS and Android.

yoga moon phases

Plans and prices

  • Monthly

    Todo mês
    • 3-month plan

      A cada 3 meses
       7 dias de período gratuito
      • 6-month plan

        A cada 6 meses
        Save €30 and pay €35/month
         7 dias de período gratuito
        • Anual Membership

          Todo ano
          Save €120 and pay €30/month
          • VIP Membership

            Todo ano
             7 dias de período gratuito
            • One year access to Lua
            • 12 private classes, one each month
          Plans and prices
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